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Free Exterior Wall Insulation

Exterior Wall InsulationInsulate your walls with Sustain UK

Sustain UK are the largest generators of insulation work across the UK. We visit up to 10,000 homes per week and arrange insulation for up to 8,000 homes per week. Sustain UK are important players in the drive to make UK homes warmer and cheaper to heat.

Subject to survey Sustain UK are able to offer free exterior wall insulation to customers who meet the eligibility criteria. If you think you qualify, contact us today to arrange a survey on your home by completing the form to the right. To find out more about the product read our Exterior Wall Insulation guide.


It is estimated that 7.8 million UK homes are considered hard to treat or unsuitable for traditional methods of insulation and therefore Exterior Wall Insulation is the best option. Contact us today to arrange a survey on your property. To find out more read our Exterior Wall Insulation guide.

Exterior wall insulation offers an energy saving solution for properties which have no cavity walls or are considered hard to treat and can make a considerable difference to your heating bills.

It is estimated that a third of all heat is lost in the home is through the walls. Increasing the thermal performance of your property by insulating the walls could save you between £460 and £490 per year on your energy bills, according to the Energy Saving Trust. Solid wall insulation is one of the measures that may be eligible under the forthcoming Green Deal scheme.

There are 2 types of solid wall insulation available internal wall and external wall.

Internal wall insulation

Internal wall insulation is done in 1 of 2 ways. Either rigid boards are fitted directly to the wall or in the case of uneven surfaces, a stud wall consisting of a wooden frame with mineral wool insulation is fitted.

Once the installation is complete the room will be plastered and ready for decoration.

External wall insulation

When insulating an external wall a layer of insulating material is fixed to the wall, covered with a protective mesh and then rendered. The render is available in a variety of styles and finishes to suit personal requirements.

Benefits of Insulation:

  • Reduced Energy Bills
  • Cosy Home
  • Improves weatherproofing and sound resistance
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • More even temperature all year round
  • Added value to your property
  • Help towards a higher Home Energy Rating
  • Quick and easy to install
  • What to do now!

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